While travelling recently (and when am I not), I was sitting in the airport terminal and heard the announcement that bad weather has caused a significant delay but not to worry, there was another flight leaving 3 hours later. Years ago this would have caused mass hysteria. Customers running to the service desk demanding they get re-booked on an earlier flight.  Loud complaints that they will miss a connection or they have commitments they will miss.  However I experienced none of this.  While a couple people went to the desk most others merely got their phones out and found solutions.

Without leaving my seat, I did a quick search to see if there were any other flight options available.  Finding none, I attended my meetings on-line, replied to emails, changed my dinner reservations and even did a little on-line shopping.  It did help that I had a much sought after seat in the terminal right next to an outlet but that was just good planning on my part!

To most of us our devices are our lifelines.  There isn’t much we can’t do with our phones. And let’s face it, we get mad when we can’t do something with them. This is why it is so important to so many businesses that they integrate mobile solutions to the customer experience. If your customers can get what they need on your mobile app or site in less time it would take to call your customer service center, why wouldn’t they?

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What are some of the best mobile solutions you have discovered or used while travelling? How has integrating a mobile site or app changed your customer experience?

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