A recent birthday brought me to a routine visit with my doctor for all the tests that go along with getting older.  Usually I dread these visits (I don’t think I am alone in this). You know the drill, show up early and wait to be called.  Once called, you’re escorted into a little room where you wait some more. Finally, the doctor shows up!  Now the exam is typically the quickest part and I am so happy to see him that I forgot to ask all the questions my wife told me to ask. Before long, I am shipped to another room to give some blood and then I am sent on my way.

This doesn’t sound like a good experience as described, but when I really give it some thought, it actually exceeded my expectations.  There is always consistency in these visits.  I expect to wait but the service I receive from the staff is outstanding.  Upon check in, I am greeted with a smile, my information is verified, my insurance co-pay is confirmed and I sit in a comfortable chair.  The transition into my own little room and finally to the lab is just as pleasant. And while I walk out I am sent off with well wishes for a healthy year which puts a smile on my face despite the leftover sting from the needle.

Working in a medical office cannot be easy and I am sure it is met with a number of challenges.  Nobody really WANTS to be there.  But because of the top-notch service and positive experience provided, I didn’t mind the wait and almost forget about getting older (almost).

Here is an article meant for the nursing field but we could all use these tips.

The Importance of Providing Customer Service While Caring for Your Patients via The Snelling Medical Blog

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