Stop for a moment and think about the last time you had a “customer experience”.

If you really give it some thought, you’ll realize you have dozens of customer experiences everyday.  Some are face to face, others over the phone, some through live chat.  Did you go to the grocery store today? If you talked a cashier in person (or even the self-checkout version!) you had an experience. Did you use an ATM? Book a Doctor appointment? Or were you greeted by the security guard at your building? The point is no matter what, we can’t avoid experiencing some sort of customer experience in our daily lives. Most are typical and not very memorable – probably like the ones I mentioned above – but the experiences that we DO remember have molded the choices we make and the products and services we use or buy.

Memorable, reliable and consistent Customer Experience is what every company should be striving for – even if it seems like it’s actions that can become mundane or routine! When faced with finding a resolution to a problem, consumers will often pay more, drive further and sometimes put up with a few hiccups for a better customer experience. If you had a defective product AND a bad experience at a store trying to return it, would you give them repeat business? What if your ATM was always down the hours you need to access it, would you stay with that bank? I know my purchases and choices are often swayed by the level of customer experience.

How has customer experience changed your loyalties?

Is the value of customer experience worth more than the product to you?

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Till next time…

-Steve (@sxp01)

You Have Dozens of Customer Experiences Every Day!

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