“You can’t expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools and expect to be in business tomorrow.” – Anonymous

Think about this for a minute. When you call into a company with a question or to buy something what are your expectations?  Do you expect to be put on hold while the representative flips through pages after pages of their manual or searches their wall for the yellow or pink sticky note with the solution/answer?  Probably not and if that is what you experience, it’s likely that you are already looking to jump ship.

Customer experience tools are changing just as fast as customer expectations are.  It’s time to throw away yesterday’s tools.  You know the sticky notes, binders, job-aids and notebooks. Replace them with better training, cloud based solutions and business process guidance.  This will allow you to not only meet but exceed expectations, improving your CX and creating customer loyalty while becoming the best marketing tool you may ever have!

Are you still using sticky notes and yesterday’s tools?

Are you still solving the challenges with more personnel?

Could you improve your CX by using today’s tools?

Here are a couple articles that outline the importance of keeping up with CX expectations and having the latest tools..

Technology Requirements for Providing an EPIC Customer Experience

Why Customer Experience is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

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Steve (@sxp01)

It’s Pointless to Meet Today’s Problems with Yesterday’s Tools

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