With Thanksgiving right around the corner we should all take time to reflect and remember what we are thankful for. In business we are thankful for our customers. What better way to thank them than to provide them with an exceptional customer experience all year round? Providing them with a great experience will not only make them feel appreciated but will also guarantee that you will have a lot more customers to thank a year from now!

Here are a couple of articles I’ve come across about the importance of great CX.

In 2016, the Customer Experience Will Separate the Winners from the Losers via@Loyalty360

In 2016, the Customer Experience Will Separate the Winners …

We recently published a post with our predictions for marketing trends in 2016. One of the key trends gaining in momentum is the importance of the customer experience.

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Customer Experience Vs. Price – Which Drives More Loyalty? By Nannette Brown

How to you thank your customers for their loyalty?

Do you think a great customer experience is thanks enough?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my great connections!

Steve (@sxp01)

The #CX Customer Experience at Thanksgiving

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