In this session, we will explore the effects the 3C’s can have on your organization: Complexity, Compliance and Change. Each year the information we need to run our businesses grows exponentially – 70% of organizations produce up to 500GB of monthly information! 93% of customer engagement agents use multiple applications within a SINGLE interaction with a customer.  This level of complexity reduces performance and productivity. Deloitte estimates that companies spend about $95 billion a year to keep in line with government regulation – and $160 billion to follow their own rules! Even with the best processes, businesses struggle with the human element – ensuring employees know and comply with the latest regulations every time they engage with customers. But the speed of change in business applications, processes and products makes this level of mastery near impossible! How does your organization stay on track? How do you deliver a seamless experience and insure that customers are satisfied and have the most up-to-date information from your team? We will uncover some ways that new technologies, methodologies and systems can help you improve your operations, and get you the metrics and returns you expect out of your team 

The 3 C’s that can Kill Customer Engagement and Experience Complexity, Compliance and Change.

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